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Samson Stilwell, Roarke Menzies, Sam Rowell, Gabie Strong (VOLUME)

As part of their 2017 tour, Samson Stilwell and Roarke Menzies perform live alongside Sam Rowell and Gabie Strong, at Coaxial, LA.
Part of VOLUME LA.


Samson Stilwell works with sound and language to create art within a lyric tradition. His work often lives within the borders, or between spaces, of language and sound, music and noise, thought space and meat space. His first album, ‘Signals‘, was released in 2017 on vinyl and digital formats by the label Sounds et al. He has performed throughout the US and Canada for series such as Volume (LA), Land and Sea (OAK), Quiet City (BC), and TBA (PDX). In 2016 he co-founded “Soundspace” a radio-based installation series focused on turning the radio into a space for new modes of listening. In 2018 he will co-direct Variform Gallery, an installation and sound art gallery located in Portland, OR.

Roarke Menzies is a New York City-based artist and composer who uses his voice, mouth and body as sound sources, along with audio hardware, software and field recordings, to create electronic and electroacoustic works. His music has been described by The New Yorker as “a layered electronic throb, coming and going, always enhancing but never overpowering.” His work has been presented at the Material Art Fair in Mexico City, the Spring Break Art Show in New York City, the Untitled Art Fair in Miami, VOLUME in Los Angeles, the Knockdown Center in Queens, Diapason Gallery for Sound and Intermedia in Brooklyn, and many others.

Sam Rowell is a musician, creative broadcaster, and investigator of sonic phenomenon. She is the bass player in longform improv project Eloe Omoe and curates the radio program Special Collections on KCHUNG. She also performed as an ensemble musician with the likes of Richard Lerman, Keith Rowe, and Nick Hennies.

Gabie Strong is a California artist and musician exploring spatial constructions of degeneration, drone and decay as a means to improvise new arrangements of self-reflexive meaning. Strong uses sound performance, radio broadcasting, environmental installation and video as a mediums for experimentation. Current themes in her work address the use of ritual incantation for revealing feminine knowledge.

Coaxial, Los Angeles

1815 S Main St
Los Angeles, CA 90015