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Samson Stilwell

Release date: 19th May 2017


Signals vinyl record

The first commercial release from sound artist Samson Stilwell, Signals has been recorded and produced over the past 6 months, combining synthesized sound and field recordings to take the listener through a rich, dynamic soundscape; melancholy yet uplifting, contemplative yet buoyant.

The resulting EP is an experimental vista, combining the harmonic textures of artists such as Tim Hecker, Stephan Mathieu, Philip Jeck and Jacob Kirkegaard, with the compositional strategies of musique concrète.

Signals back cover mockup

Deluxe Edition

Copies 1-50 of the US release are deluxe numbered editions. Each of these comes with a 24-page original art book, written by Stilwell, titled Closed Captions For Liminal Fields (also available separately). Select Deluxe above.

“For me, listening, active listening, is a poetic stance, one where listening to any sound material can yield infinite interpretations. Music is one of the possible outcomes of these interpretations. One hears, one sings, one talks to oneself, or receives. I attend these moments and have tried to form them here.”
— Samson Stilwell

“For Signals Samson delves through an eclectic slew of atmospheres, some glitchy and bordering on noise, some more in the vein of serene drone, assembling a familiar whole still without hinting at any particular focus or high-concept.”
— Foreign Accents

Sounds et al · Samson Stilwell — Signals [EP Sampler]


The EP has been pressed on 10″ heavyweight transparent vinyl with cover elements screen-printed, and digitally printed in Portland, OR. The deluxe edition’s book has is also screen-printed in Portland. The whole package has been carefully collaged and assembled by hand. Artwork photography by Tessa Bolsover.

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