Frequently Asked Questions

Please email us with any other questions or feedback – this list of FAQs will be added to over time

What quality control do you have set up? Can you guarantee an amazing final product?

Sounds et al is focussed on presenting sound in the strongest way possible, working with specialist vinyl manufacturers, printers, designers, artists, musicians, and more, to ensure the highest quality product. In terms of quality control —


The mastered audio will be checked by a number of individuals including the mastering engineer, artist(s)/ producer(s), and Sounds et al prior to being sent to the pressing plant/ distributor. Additionally for physical products, the manufacturers that we use each have their own internal quality control procedures. Finally, test-pressings from the pressing plant will be thoroughly checked by Sounds et al prior to manufacturing.

Artwork/ Printed Matter

All printed matter will be checked and approved by designer, printer and Sounds et al prior to being packaged for sale.

Shipping/ Packing

At present, all physical products are assembled internally by Sounds et al. This is due to the limited quantities sold, specialist printing and bespoke format of each album. Within this packing process, we can approve each element prior to shipping.

What amazing prices you have! But what does my money help support?

Currently Sounds et al is a very small operation. Your purchase is funding both independent music and small companies – not only the artist, label and publisher, but the pressing plant, printers and designers.

Can I trust Sounds et al with my bank details?

You don’t have to! All of our online purchases are completed through PayPal, a worldwide, highly trusted financial organisation. Find out more out PayPal here.

Can I trust Sounds et al with my email address?

We won’t share, sell, or do anything stupid with your email address. If at any time you don’t want us to have your address, or send you occasional emails, you can easily unsubscribe through the link at the bottom of your signup message from us. Through these links you can also update your email preferences. If neither of these apply, but you’d like to give us some feedback on our emails, please get in touch.

What is your Returns Policy?

Unfortunately, as we’re a small label, at present we can’t take returns. However, if you do receive a damaged product, please email us and we’ll be happy to sort it out for you.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. Just email us we can give you a quote, and make the arrangements.

I see you charge for postage and packaging, what does my money get me?

Postage costs can be seen on each product page – all albums in the US are shipped via USPS Media Mail, and a variety of other companies are used for international orders (dependent on cost and service). We currently use mailers and mailer pads from Sleeve City – they come highly recommended to us and ensure that every record is fully protected during shipping. We put a lot of time and work into our releases so want to make sure that our customers receive them in perfect condition.

What’s the deal with sales tax?

We are currently based in Oregon, therefore don’t charge any sales tax in any state. For more information have a look here and here.

How can I make changes to my order?

Email us here and we’ll make any changes with you directly.

How can I stay up to date with Sounds et al?

We send out occasional emails with news and details on upcoming releases – to receive these, just sign up to our mailing list.

How can I license your music to use in my TV show/ advert/ major motion picture?

For all licensing enquires, please email iam@soundsetal.com

Who are you?

Sounds et al is run by Andrew Fry.

Where are you?

Sounds et al is currently operating out of Portland, OR.

Think we should add something to our FAQs?

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